Electronic Acupuncture

Electro-Acupuncture: An overview of how it works and why. Instead of inserting needles through the skin, electrodes may be stuck on the surface of the skin, or through a handheld probe. When the proper electrical stimulation is applied through these devices, it has the same effect as applying it through needles. This method is always preferable to inserting needles. This is known as electro acupuncture. The equipment for doing this is very similar to the equipment used for TENS treatments. Different frequencies of electrical stimulation cause different endorphins to be released, which can accomplish many results such as pain relief which sometimes lasts several days. Electro acupuncture has also been effectively used for addictive issues including all forms of drug addictions as well as tobacco and weight loss. We have a good selection of Electro Acupuncture units at discount prices and we provide fast shipping.